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The Case Documents In The Lawsuits Involving Salim Nourallah, Bend Studio, Ally David And The Anju Gill Foundation

A few more tidbits for those of you following the Salmin Nourallah/Anju Gill Foundation v. Ally David/Bend Studio lawsuits (and judging by the comment section on the previous post, I'd say that's quite a few of you).

First up, the actual case documents: Ally David v. Salim Nourallah

Anju Gill Foundation v. Ally David and Bend Studio

As I said earlier, David's lawsuit was filed about an hour before the Anju Gill Foundation's--which I believe is significant, although I can't yet tell why. I've got a call into David's attorney to hopefully find out, and I'll update this post when I hear back from him.

And, since it's been posted elsewhere, since it's fairly easy for the tech-savvy to find, and since it's significant to the case, I've posted Nourallah's in-question blog post in full after the jump. --Pete Freedman

Tuesday, September 09, 2008 trust

jayme and i along with our music community lost a close friend named anju gill two years ago a fund was set up in her name by her parents with an initial donation of 10,000 sent to jayme we turned the check immediately over to our friend ally david the owner of bend studio an acoustic venue i regularly played at that anju loved attending we then had 2 anju fundraisers billy harvey and kacy crowley even traveled up from austin to help they loved anju too all in all i think we entrusted approximately 12,000 to ally david the anju gill foundation was then formed and had 2 meetings shortly thereafter we discussed how to move forward mainly with sponsoring shows in anju's name featuring up and coming or struggling local artists 3 other friends of anju attended these meetings along with jayme and i shortly thereafter ally told us that she started having serious dental problems forward progress with the AGF was put on hold when i would see ally out i'd always ask "when are we going to do something with the anju foundation?" she'd say "i just can't do that now - my health has been terrible..." i was her friend i understood i had empathy for her situation after awhile i just stopped asking her because the answer was always the same and i didn't want to pester her but everyday i'd look outta my window at this tree in front of my studio the tree we planted in anju's name right after she died and i'd think "we gotta do something for anju soon..." this summer i felt a growing sense of urgency over the situation we had to stop waiting for ally and do something ourselves so i contacted her and told her NOW is the time for action i offered to take over the operation of setting up shows in anju's name if she was too busy or not feeling well enough to do it after exchanging several emails with her she finally admitted that she'd spent all the money in the fund it was gone every last cent i was devastated and outraged how could ally have done this without notifying one single member of the anju gill foundation? that wasn't her money to spend she had no right to do that yet she was so nonchalant about it i contacted all the other AGF members and told them what ally had done their reactions were all similar to mine a lot of tears were shed that day we were all deeply hurt and felt betrayed by her actions yet we still came back to ally as friends asking her to please meet with the group we didn't want to hurt her or punish her we just wanted an explanation and to make a plan to move forward with shows done in anju's name she accepted our request but then bailed at the last minute stating she was simply too busy and sickly to meet with the group but not just today but EVER "good luck in moving forward!" she said "please keep me posted on your progress!" although she declined to meet with the group she did however try to arrange separate one on one meetings with each member of the foundation behind the others backs ally phoned and texted one particular person she hadn't returned correspondence with in months at least 5 times that day saying she was available anytime to meet i began to get the sinking suspicion that ally david was a con artist and that she'd been manipulating and scamming us from the get-go i have a close attorney friend that i told the story to and he said his firm would take on the case he sent ally a letter asking that she re-pay the foundation and her response was that of self-righteous indignation

i have been really upset about these events for the past 2 weeks it's a terrible situation and it makes me sick to my stomach even thinking about it how could ally david so casually betray anju and her friends then try and rationalize it all away? was it really worth doing all of this damage? a lawsuit against ally and bend is now in the works because she has left us no further option it looks like it will be filed in the next 48 hours then i'm sure the local media will be all over this story it will probably destroy what little is left of ally's sinking reputation i'm dreading the circus...

on a more up note: proceeds from the september 3rd show last week re-started the anju gill fund again - properly - without ally david's involvement we already have shows booked at club dada on october 2nd and november 15th with many more in the works... the anju gill fund will live on and support local music in honor of our dear friend for many more years to come


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