The City Plan Commission Recommends 2826 For Its SUP

So we've been keeping tabs on Frank Maldonado and, quite possibly, the newest addition to the Deep Ellum live venue landscape.

And, as predicted, it looks like the City Plan Commission indeed recommends 2826, Frank Maldonado's "live media" room. Now, all that's left before the venue becomes a reality is one pretty giant hurdle: The City Council still needs to approve the venue's special use permit application.

If all goes as plan and the council approves the SUP at its Thursday, September 24, meeting, 2826 could possibly break in its stage as soon as the following night. (Maldonado already admits to plugging in his guitar amp the second the stage was finished being built.)

"We're excited to be a new business down in Deep Ellum," maldonado says. With the opening of Trees, and, says Maldonado, finally having to wait for cars before crossing the street, Deep Ellum is perking up.

Maldonado hopes to add to that perk-up: He says his venue will focus on "good music and good people, about a good message. Not fake, not over-sold, over marketed or over-priced. It's a labor of love for us."

And, to that end: The venue will stream videos of its shows live to the Internet via streaminglive.com once the room is up and running. Show footage will also be cataloged, so you can go back and watch your favorite performance online, for free, whenever you want.

"It's a basically a small window into our club," Maldonado says.

Now, according to Maldonado, aside from smaller odds and ends, the venue needs to finish installing its sound equipment, adding some touch-ups on some murals, and installing an art piece featuring the "forgotten areas" of Dallas.

But, with about a month until the City Council meeting, Maldonado sounds confident that everything will be completed and approved by then.

"We've done everything right," he says. "We haven't skipped any corners. I'm making an album, getting the bar open, and my two sons (ages 7 and 6) started school today--we work hard for what we have."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.