The Curtain Club Looking for Acts for September 5 Battle of the Bands

I got an e-mail last week from Lindsay Lenehan over at Gorilla Productions asking if I knew of any bands that might be available for a Battle of the Bands to occur at The Curtain Club on Sunday, September 5.

Normally, I'm not much of a fan for such occasions, but unlike many of these skirmishes, there is no entry fee and the winner gets $500 cash, 20 hours of studio time and a headlining gig at the venue. Pretty cool, huh? Jump for more details.

As Lindsay states in her email:

These shows are a great opportunity to network with other local bands, get a foot in the door with a local club, and play in front of a great size crowd. If your band does well we can book them on other shows and festivals locally and across the country.

Bands interested can call Ms. Lenehan directly at 216-322-0537 or go here for more information. Seems Gorilla Productions is a national entity based out of Cleveland that handles booking for The Curtain Club along with other venues across the country.

Anyhow, seems a good opportunity for a local group to gain some cash, studio time and a headlining gig--not a bad deal at all in this economy.

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