The Final Annex House Show - 2/24/12

The Final Annex House Show w/ Spookeasy, Darstar, Rocketarm, Sealion Annex House Friday, February 24

There have been other "last" shows at Annex House before, but the Keller Williams "For Lease" sign out front made it definite on Friday night. If this was the final show, it was pretty fantastic, especially due to the fact that the cops didn't show up, every band got to play full sets and everybody in attendance had a good time. People didn't treat the bands like a stereo en route to the bathroom or fridge for beer.

Hardwood floors, a decent P.A. with one speaker and a large rug (so drum kits wouldn't slide) translated into some pretty fantastic acoustics. Space-age pop four-piece Spookeasy played a few new songs and had time for a Black Angels cover of "Haunting at 1300 McKinley."

Things got off to a rocky start for Darstar, due to amp issues, but once a replacement appeared from the next room, 40 minutes of delicious tunes followed. Added bonus: a cover of Grandaddy's "AM 180."

Rocketarm was the loudest band of the night. Songs might have rather goofy titles like "Shark Repellent," but the band is quite serious with their Refused-inspired material. They even covered Refused's "Deadly Rhythm."

Sealion finished everything off in grand fashion. Some of the 11-song set was devoted to new songs (none were covers) and some beer flew around the room. Frontman Hunter Mohrieng asked that people respect the house as beer suds dried on the ceiling above.

Walking out of the place, it felt like the end of a small era. An era that people might miss a lot down the road. You don't hear about a lot of house shows in Lakewood, but that doesn't mean there can't be a new space in the future. Any takers?

Personal bias: I play in a band with a member of Rocketarm, but we sound nothing like Refused, and none of our songs have titles like "Tuco" or "Shark Repellent."

By the way:The last time I went to Annex House, it was the epitome of shithole group house.Thankfully, the interior and exterior looked a whole lot nicer this time.

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