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The Guardian Digs on Neon Indian, Kinda.

Like Bosque Brown before it, Neon Indian finds itself as the subject of The Guardian's "New Band of the Day" feature today--although, if you read the copy, it's kinda tough to determine if Paul Lester's really all that into the music.

More than anything, Lester uses the band as a way to breach his thoughts on the oh-so-touchy genre of chillwave (we still prefer "GorillaVsBearcore"), which he basically sees as a largely American, sample-heavy (he knocks Palomo's reliance on Todd Rundgren samples in his creative process) phenomenon.

But even so, even Lester, who appears determined here to dislike the sounds Neon Indian and other acts like it are creating, can't seem to find a good enough reason not to.

My favorite part of the write-up, meanwhile? The "buzz" portion, in which the band is described as an act that "sounds like my Nintendo had sex with a theremin and then got run through the washing machine. It's Passion Pit for the Gorilla v Bear crowd." He puts as much in quotes, so I'm not sure where he got it, or if Lester wrote it himself, but, either way: great description.

Read the whole write-up here.

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