The Jesus and Mary Chain Via 10 Years of Press Photos

The Jesus and Mary Chain rescheduled their Denton appearance to this evening , and we thought it'd be fun to dig through the old, dusty filing cabinets in pursuit of old press photos. To our excitement (and maybe yours), we dug up a decade's worth. The "J-file" didn't include a press photo for 1985's Psychocandy, but we found a pic for each of the band's full-length albums. From 1987's Darklands to 1998's Munki, here are the 8x10s of the Reid brothers in the order the Observer received them.

In the above photo, they posed in an alley for 1987's Darklands. The Jesus "&" Mary Chain was all like: "We own this alley. Seriously. Did you hear Psychocandy? It went gold in the UK. We're going to be huge across the pond." For some reason the Reid brothers' first names printed under the photo read in alphabetical order instead of left to right.

This time with an "and," the boys pose in promotion for 1989's Automatic. Will now thinks sunglasses are cool, and Jim is all, "Crackers! I lost my shades. I'll hold my fingers up to block this damn studio lighting."

Clearly, the Reids like alleyways better than studios. Will forgot his shades, but the names are correct.

The band poses for 1994's Stoned & Dethroned, with new member Ben Lurie. He loves sunglasses too.

A photo promoting the band's 1995 compilation, Hate Rock 'N' Roll.

"The" is missing from the band's name in this dateless press photo, but they are posing on an escalator and smoking indoors, which is pretty neat.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.