The Libertine Launches All-Local Music Monday Nights

No one's gonna mistake Lower Greenville's The Libertine for a live music venue--DJ nights and Scaraoke aside--but anyone who's ever spent a few minutes in this phenomenal establishment knows two things: a) As Lower Greenville bars go, The Libertine's over-PA playlist is tops, and b) the people who put the playlist together aren't scared of tossing a bunch of local music takes into the fray.

So it makes sense then, that The Libertine has decided to take things a little bit further. Bar owner Simon McDonald, quite the avid area music fan if I may say so, checks in with an email today, giving us the heads up on a new Monday night tradition he hopes to start at the bar.

It's tentatively being called "The Local Yokel Show," and, basically, it's exactly what it sounds like it is: Each and every Monday night, and all Monday night long, a DJ will set up within the space and will blare local music, and local music only, from the speaker system.

"And if you want to put the word out there to local musicians," McDonald adds, "we'll be happy to play their stuff in our humble little bar."

So there you have it. Interested acts are encouraged to drop their discs by the bar if they'd like their songs to be played.

Now if only we can convince McDonald to combine this night with his bar's half-price food nights on Sundays... --Pete Freedman

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