The Morning News Reports That The Black Eyed Peas Are Performing Super Bowl XLV's Halftime, But The NFL Still Ain't Confirming.

Earlier today, the Dallas Morning News reported that a source has confirmed the long-standing rumors that the Black Eyed Peas would indeed be the halftime performers for the upcoming Super Bowl to take place at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on Sunday, February 6. And it's indeed quite the coup of an item -- the paper is the lone source pretty much anywhere running with the story, far as we can find.

So, uh, is it for real? It's a fair question -- the Morning News piece doesn't name its source.

We hit up NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy, who promised us back in September to keep us posted on the matter, to ask him about the report.

His answer, which really shouldn't come as much of a surprise is that, well, the NFL isn't yet ready to say...

"We do not have a comment," McCarthy says in response to our passing the Morning News'' story along his way.

Considering how many other deserving acts there are out there, here's hoping his "no comment" is just another way of saying "no."

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