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The Phuss Drummer Trey Alfaro Seriously Injured in Hit and Run

Dallas isn't exactly renowned for being a bike-friendly city, but over the weekend that point was driven home to the music community when one of its own, drummer Trey Alfaro from the band the Phuss, was seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident while riding his bicycle Friday night.

While Alfaro's injuries are thankfully not life-threatening, they are nonetheless substantial and, moreover, will mean considerable medical expenses, including reconstructive surgery for his broken teeth. As a result, band mate Josh Fleming has set up a GoFundMe page to help Alfaro's cause.

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Singer and guitarist Fleming says that Alfaro was on his way home from Carrollton when the accident occurred. He had ridden his bicycle to and from the DART train station, but on his way back to Deep Ellum the train stopped running at midnight, dropping him off at the Harry Hines station.

Alfaro, who was riding alone, proceeded to ride from Harry Hines and was near Northwest Highway and Webb Chapel when he was struck from behind by a white pickup truck. "The people stopped, shook him and woke up him, and then ditched him," Fleming explains. Though concussed, Alfaro was able to call Fleming, who immediately drove to pick him up and took him to the ER.

Beyond the concussion, Alfaro suffered a broken nose, broken teeth -- "His teeth are all broken or gone," says Fleming -- and lacerations all over his body, including his face, shoulders, arms and hands. "He was launched forward and hit the curb," Fleming adds. "He's started remembering more about it [and] feels like the truck went over him."

The timing of the accident is especially unfortunate given that Alfaro, who is a single father and works at a car dealership in Lewisville, just turned 26 a couple weeks ago, meaning he is currently without insurance -- a situation that is not at all uncommon, if not almost universal, among musicians and artists. Thus, the medical costs he faces could be financially crippling.

"He has to do complete reconstruction of his teeth," says Fleming, who set the goal for the GoFundMe page at $10,000. "We don't know what the exact amount [for the bills] will be. Maybe I'm being optimistic, but I'm hoping 10 grand could cover it or at least help him get on his feet."

From the band's standpoint, the accident also draws upcoming plans into question. Having recently signed to New York label Magnetic Eye Records, they're preparing to release On the Prowl this fall, including a digital-only album release show in Dallas on September 16, followed by an East coast tour and vinyl release in October. They're also scheduled to play Index Festival in Deep Ellum.

"We're supposed to be at a show on [August] 22 at City Tavern, which we had to cancel," Fleming says. "We haven't canceled [another show] on the 29th yet because Trey is a stubborn asshole and says he wants to play, but even then I'm not sure he'll be ready."

From a personal standpoint, Fleming has been deeply affected to see this happen to Alfaro, whom he describes as his "best friend." The two have been playing in bands together for eight years, dating back to when they were roommates in Lewisville.

"He moved to Dallas to be closer to me. I feel fucking guilty about that," Fleming admits. "He's a good friend. He's stood by me for almost a decade now. He's just a good dude."

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