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The QAnon Situation at Dealey Plaza Gets Worse: They're Singing

The QAnoners who are still hanging out at Dealey Plaza try to entice John F. Kennedy Jr. out from his hidey hole by singing (shiver) "We Are the World."
The QAnoners who are still hanging out at Dealey Plaza try to entice John F. Kennedy Jr. out from his hidey hole by singing (shiver) "We Are the World." screenshot from Instagram
QAnoners are still gathering at Dallas' Dealey Plaza, hanging on to their last strand of hope and trying to move hearts and minds through song. The only thing they've been able to mine so far is laughs.

Let us backtrack first, in case you missed it: A crowd of conspiracy lovers gathered at the AT&T Discovery Plaza in early November and eventually made their way downtown to Dealey Plaza. The group had gathered because of a rumor that John F. Kennedy Jr., the son of JFK who died in 1999 in a plane crash, would make an appearance at the site.

Apparently, this cameo would accomplish two things: It would prove all those paranoiacs were right all along about JFK Jr.'s death being faked and, most important, he would be making the announcement that former President Donald Trump had actually won the election.

It's been almost 30 days, and some QAnoners are still there convinced that the truth will come out and all those disappointed friends and family will come back into their lives. And in case even part of you is wondering, no, JFK Jr. has not risen from his grave or appeared at the gathering.

If this were any other group, they'd pack up their lawn furniture, take off their funny patriotic hats and go home. That doesn't happen when you're supporting QAnon, though. You're either in all the way or you're one of "them." You roll up a sleeve, cinch a belt over your bicep and stick the needle from a Kool-Aid drip bag into the first bulging vein you see.

Still not convinced? There's a video that should do the job.

When you hear a group singing the '80s peace anthem "We Are the World," you know that desperation is hanging in the air. The situation is even more dire if they are holding candles while they sing it. It's pop culture Morse code for "SOS."
It's easy to make fun of this group and their strange certainties about how the world really works. This moment isn't any different, but there's a twinge of sadness that hangs over as they cement their heels into an obvious hoax just because people are telling them that it's a hoax.

Also, the pitchiness.

If there's one thing we can take away from this cringe moment is that it makes us miss the days of Gal Gadot and her rich friends singing "Imagine."
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