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The Rap Up: Nothing To Lose (But Ignorance) At Hip Hop for HIV

On Sunday, September 14, Bun B, Mike Jones, David Banner, Pleasure P and a host of other artists take over the Palladium Ballroom for 97.9 the Beat's Hip Hop for HIV concert.

It's easy to assume that the money collected from ticket proceeds would be donated to HIV and AIDS-related charities, right? Nope. The mission behind Hip Hop for HIV is even more serious than that.

The Beat and its partners are giving out 3,000 free tickets to this concert to people who get HIV tests at participating locations. Considering the number of people who pay honest money to go to K104's Summer Jam, you'd assume they'd be moving tickets hand-over-fist. The thing is, there are still close to 1,000 tickets left according to this morning's broadcast--and they've had this initiative rolling for 30 days now.

This begs the question: Why do people people need incentives to do something for the benefit of their own health? Is it because the truth hurts and folks are afraid of the news they'll get? Was it a consideration when some of those same folks were doing those scandalous deeds they confess on the air with Supa K and Keynote?

I'm not in the practice of trying to front people for what they do. But I do think if you're G enough to play the game, then you should be G enough to play it right. Get tested. Know your status. And go see Bun B for free.

The final testing site before the concert is: Saturday, September 13th, at the Beckley Saner Recreation Center (114 West Hobson Ave,) from noon until 5 p.m. Reach the center by phone at 214-670-7595.

And for the 2,000 of you who already have your ticket, way to stand up for your grown folks business. --Quia Querisma

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Pete Freedman
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