The Riverboat Gamblers, Saboteur

Don't expect to hear a sing-along of "Auld Lang Syne" at this sure-to-be-rocking affair. Actually, check that—because who knows, you might. But it probably won't be your standard "Auld Lang Syne."

As The Riverboat Gamblers proved earlier this year when it opened up Spin magazine's Purple Rain covers compilation, the band can capably take just about any song and turn it into its own party-punk sound. It's no doubt a fun sound too—all up and all go, all the time—but it's been an up and down year for the Denton ex-pats, now based in Austin. Last spring, the band released Underneath the Owl, its poppiest affair yet, and with it earned positive reviews and none-too-shabby spots on some festival bills to boot—but it probably didn't come with the splash the band hoped. Then, back in October, guitarist Ian MacDougall was hit by a car while bicycling home from work—he came away alive, but boasted a long list of broken bones in need of mending. Fortunately, he's recovered capably so far, even playing with the band for a song or two at recent performances.

This show, which also features Dallas hard-rock outfit Saboteur, should find the Gamblers joyously bidding its rollercoaster 2009 adieu and happily welcoming in 2010.

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Pete Freedman
Contact: Pete Freedman