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The Rocket Summer Preps New EP, Announces Full-Length For Early 2010

Grapvine's own The Rocket Summer--or pretty much the person we all have to thank for the success that all the mall-punk acts of the region have been having in recdent years--dropped some big news earlier this week, announcing two new records set for release in the near future.

Later this month, on October 27, he'll digitally release a new EP, called You Gotta Believe, and in early 2010, he'll return with his second major label full-length released for Island Records with Of Men and Angels. Over the next few weeks, The Rocket Summer, aka Bryce Avary, will be leaking songs onto his MySpace page and on Alternative Press' site as well.

And to drum up even more support for the new releases, Avary will be heading out on the road as part of a six-week, 34-city tour with perhaps the most successful of the area's mall-punk acts, Forever the Sickest Kids, who, unsurprisingly, are quick to count Avary among their influences.

If you can put up with throngs of screaming tween-age girls, catch the hometown acts upon their return to Dallas when they stop in for a date at the House of Blues on November 26--which, yes, is Thanksgiving.

Surely there's a joke about that last part somewhere, but I just can't seem to find it...

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Pete Freedman
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