The Roots Tease New Badu Track On Late Night. Oh, And Her New Disc Is Set For A February 23rd Release... Officially.

Last week, just after a potential upcoming single from Erykah Badu leaked to the Internet, the Dallas-based neo-soul queen formally announced the release date for her upcoming album, New Amerykah Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh.

The disc, reported Billboard late on Friday afternoon, will see its official release on February 23.

Last night, though, a kinda funny tangent about as much on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Long-time Badu friends and collaborators The Roots, who serve as Fallon's house band on the show, teased the recently leaked Badu track "Jump Up In The Air and Stay There" as Fallon introduced one of his guests, Jason Reitman, director of the upcoming George Clooney-driven film, Up In The Air. I can't find a clip featuring that part of the show, but I can say that it was kind of awesome, kind of adorable, and kind of a genius subliminal marketing push for Badu's new track and disc, maybe? After all, the track made its initial leak on a OkayPlayer-hosted blog, and OkayPlayer, of course, was founded by The Roots.

So... let's give it up for synergy?

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