The Ten Best Places for Karaoke in Dallas

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We here at DC9 fully recommend the restorative power of live music. A good concert can wipe away the doldrums and the frustration and make you feel like a part of something bigger. But sometimes you need the kind of catharsis that only comes from being on the other side of the mic. It is for those times that we offer our suggestions for the 10 best places to do karaoke in Dallas.

Family Karaoke

This Korean karaoke bar is a Dallas staple. Their song selection is extensive (the song book is arguably too big) and it's always clean. But the best part is its posh private rooms. You know what that means? No long wait times behind lingering, overserved airheads, unless, of course, you brought them with you. Careful, this place really fills up as the night grows old, and parking is limited, so reserve your spot early. Waiting three hours for a room as you down slightly overpriced drinks is definitely one way not to have a good time here. Oh, and don't try sneaking in alcohol, they will kick your ass out. But do drink and then record yourself slurring something from the Filipino song section. Vine is really lacking in that arena.

Selling points: Private rooms. Open every day of the week

The Goat

During the week The Goat is one of the best blues bars in town, but on Sunday things get weird, and then Karaoke happens. Just ask Deb Doing Dallas. The crowd is refreshingly diverse, friendly, and they take their karaoke seriously. Sure, there are your typical drunken stumblebums and rowdy groups of women, but on the whole these people can actually sing. If you don't have the stomach to karaoke in public, don't fret, you will still have fun -- the drinks are cheap and the drinks are strong. Employee Carmen is the ringleader on Sunday nights, and given the right circumstances (be courteous and tip well), she will give you a night to remember.

Selling points: Live band. Cheap, strong drinks.

Too Fresh Productions presents Karaoke at The Crown and Harp

On every second Thursday of the month The Crown and Harp turns into an all hip-hop karaoke bar. Ever gotten the stink eye for picking an especially raunchy Ol' Dirty Bastard track? Believe me, that won't be a problem here. In fact, you can tweet the guys at Too Fresh any rap/hip-hop track before the night of the event, and they'll make sure your selection ends up in the rotation -- pretty sweet, right? Take in the crowd, take in the drinks and twist those syllables till either your tongue or your liver craps out on you.

Selling points: Customizable song list. $3 local drafts all night.

San Francisco Rose

Competitively speaking, this is karaoke of the highest order. On Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights, this Lower Greenville sports bar offers open-mic sessions that also double as qualifying rounds to an eventual karaoke championship. Yes, this is for real. Yes, you can win real money. But, if you come to compete and lose out early, it's fine, because in a restaurant with like a zillion flat-screen TVs, a jukebox, billiards and foosball it's hard to imagine you'd ever get bored.

Selling points: Drink specials. Karaoke tournament.

The Dallasite

You will never again have to complain that there's nothing to do in Dallas on Friday night. There's always one option: karaoke at Dallasite. Trust. This is a magical thing. There's no stage, no professional speakers, no pomp, just teeth-clenching bad "singing" and good times. It wouldn't be out of place in this dark, aromatic watering hole to find line dances to the backdrop of "Thriller" tributes and sub-par rap renditions. It's all welcome at Dallasite. There's just one rule: no judging.

Selling points: Casual atmosphere. Warm crowd.

Good Luck Karaoke at Double Wide

Thursday nights carry a temptation like no other: From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., Good Luck Karaoke commences with fucking up the Double Wide proper via themed karaoke parties ranging from the bizarre to the downright genteel. Hosts Josh Hammertimez and Oliver Peck never disappoint when it comes to inspired moves or stage wear. Bottom line: This is the biggest, wackiest karaoke party in Dallas.

Selling points: Themed parties. One-of-a-kind atmosphere.

Punk Rock Karaoke at Three Links

Punk Rock Karaoke is run by '70s era punk tribute band The Mumbles. These guys have real chops and have been on our radar for some time, receiving several nominations for our selection of best tribute/cover band. This punk-themed karaoke event happens on Fridays, but not every Friday. In fact, there's no definitive schedule--It seems to happen every six to eight weeks. Even still, it's a brand of karaoke like you won't find anywhere else in the city. Since the event only runs from 6 to 9 p.m., you can party here and still have plenty of time to bar hop elsewhere.

Selling Points: Critically acclaimed backing band, You can make it home for your early bedtime.

Lockhart Smokehouse

Alcohol and karaoke is a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, when paired with an empty stomach, it's also a match that will leave you sprinting to the puke-room. Don't worry, Lockhart Smokehouse in the Bishop Arts District has you covered. Famous for its deviled eggs and brisket, Lockhart Smokehouse has a reputation as one of the best barbecue joints in Dallas. What you might not know is that on Saturday nights it also serves up some pretty mean karaoke. Get here early, as with many of the best barbecue eateries, the choice cuts can sell out fast.

Selling Points: Kick-ass barbecue. And kick-ass barbecue.

Norazo Karaoke Bar

It maybe tucked into a shady corner of a semi-industrial area, and it maybe as hard to pronounce as it is to find, but Norazo offers some of the best karaoke at the best prices in all of Dallas. Don't be fooled by the exterior, this karaoke bar is clean and well furnished. But what really separates Norazo from the competition are its hourly rate specials. As long as you keep purchasing food/alcohol equal to the cost of one hour of karaoke ($20), you only end up paying for your first hour. With large parties, and with a karaoke bar that stays open till 4 a.m., this can mean huge monetary relief. Good news: You'll have plenty of dough leftover for that much-needed hungover cab ride home.

Selling points: Hourly rate special. Late night hours.

It's not karaoke, but you get the flavor.The Round-up Saloon

Dallas' best gay bar is also Dallas' best Western-themed karaoke joint. Other than offering customers nightly opportunities to flaunt their awful voices, Oak Lawn's spacious Round-Up Saloon boasts an energy unlike any other bar in town. You'll always feel welcome, you'll always have fun and you'll never run out of Lone Star beer to drink. Tip: Practice up on your line dancing ahead of time for the full experience.

Selling points: Friendly staff. Plenty of stage space for mid-karaoke dance-offs.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.