The Texas Red Legs Competing in Shiner Records Contest

In the past couple of years, two of our area's best alt-country acts, Darryl Lee Rush and Somebody's Darling have been the recipients of a free album recording session, care of the fine folks at Shiner Records. This honor was bestowed upon them once they'd won the annual Shiner Rising Star battle of the bands.

Well this year, another great local combo, The Texas Red Legs, is looking to win the same deal.

On Thursday, July 23, Richard Paul Davis and the rest of this motley quartet will be playing in the first round of the Shiner contest. The competition takes place at Plano's Love and War in Texas, and The Red Legs' set starts at 8 p.m.

You may recall a month or so back when I was raving about the band's great debut, Rattlesnake Inn? Or maybe you remember an mp3 we sent your way from said disc? Songs like "Long Way to Lubbock" and "Burnin' Down 35" hold lasting appeal for fans of Steve Earle, The Band and Uncle Tupelo.

So show an up-and-coming local band some love and head to Plano next week. In this economy, what band couldn't use a free record contract?

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Darryl Smyers
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