The Top 20 Local Music Videos of 2010

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Back in the day, there was a place for music videos -- on television, and, namely, on the few glorious stations that played them. For the most part, though, those stations are no more -- or they've changed formats so much that the remnants of their storied pasts have become nothing but a distant memory.

Sure enough, in recent years, the plight of music video airplay has been well-documents, so no need to rehash that here.

Surprisingly enough, though, the art form still persists. And on the smallest of levels, even. Bands without labels deals or even full-length albums to their name still release music videos to go with their music -- mostly, one assumes, because it still, on some level, helps on the marketing end of things. And, hey, for people looking to fill up content on a local music blog, they can be a saving grace -- especially on a slow news day.

But let's not completely dismiss the art form: In 2010, a number of local artists released music videos -- some pretty good, and others not so much. But the good ones, for the most part, were pretty great -- and, in most cases, they merit second viewings. So, without further ado, here we're presenting you with our picks for the 20 best local music videos of 2010. Give them a watch after the jump. And enjoy the visual goodness.

20. Spector 45 -- "Try, Try, Try"

19. Mount Righteous -- "Suburban Homesick Blues"

18. Summer Ames -- "Capture"

17. Ishi -- "Pastel Lights"

16. Nervous Curtains -- "All Yesterday's Parties"

15. Norah Jones -- "Young Blood"

14. The Orbans -- "Like A Liar"

13. Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights -- "Pardon Me"

12. Astronautalis -- "The Wordsmith and His Sons"

11. Midlake -- "Rulers, Ruling All Things"

10. Hoyotoho -- "Virgin Eyes"

9. Riverboat Gamblers -- "Robots May Break Your Heart"

8. Cocky Americans -- "Romance Tried To Kill Me"

7. The Burning Hotels -- "Allison"

6. True Widow -- "AKA"

5. Sarah Jaffe -- "Clementine"

4. Neon Indian -- "Sleep Paralysist"

3. St. Vincent -- "Laughing With A Mouth of Blood"

2. Smile Smile -- "Truth on Tape"

1. Erykah Badu -- "Window Seat"

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.