The Valentine Failures

Lights Out in Suicide City, the full-length debut by this spunky local quartet, has been garnering kudos ever since it came out late last year. The band is giving the disc a fresh pressing, making this show a relaunching of sorts. Lights Out is a brash set of glam punk, not too long on originality but loaded with catchy riffs and dripping with punk ethos. Songs like "Bloodshot Eyes" and "Dead to You" don't say anything new, but they do have a cool way of making their perspectives sound fresh.

The Valentine Failures have been around since 2005, playing just about any area dive that would let them set up. Tattooed and pierced in just about every location, Justin, Wayne, Dillon and Bombs (first names only—this is punk) all look like the kind of bad boy that the girls dream about and all of the parents abhor.

And they parlay the best aspects of bands like D Generation, Lords of the New Church and Social Distortion while still maintaining that one element that eludes some bands who mine similar territory: authenticity.

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Darryl Smyers
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