Thin Line Film and Music Festival is Not that Other Music Fest. Does it Matter?

Perhaps it couldn't be helped. With somewhat spring-like weather in the Denton air on Thursday afternoon, it was hard to not have festival fever. In years past around this time, when 35 Denton would be taking place, you couldn't get past Dan's Silverleaf near Hickory Street before the festival fun was palpable. Last night was the first full night of Thin Line Film and Music Festival's programming, and make no mistake, 35 Denton this is not. Not that it's supposed to be.

The organizers of this fine event haven't tried to fool anyone. In the past week or so, it's been tough to miss the mentions of this year's added music festival aspect to the original documentary programming the festival has focused on in years past. But with schedule grids and thoughts of bouncing from one venue just off Denton's square to another for various forms of frivolity, visions (delusions?) of grandeur danced about, regardless.

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Kelly Dearmore