Looks like Astronautalis has converted another fan.

Things Get Sunny For Astronautalis

If you watched the Season 4 premiere of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia last night, you may have noticed a minor bit of redecorating to Charlie's shithole apartment. Seems Charlie is fan of Dallas Observer Music Award-winning rapper Astronautalis. That, or he just really likes the former Dallasite's poster.

We were wondering if this was a clever bit of product placement by Eyeball Records to promote the soon-to-be-released Pomegranate. Turns out to be simpler than that. Follow the jump to read an explanation from Astronautalis, aka Andy Bothwell.--Jesse Hughey

I have actually been friend's with charlie [Day, who plays Charlie in the show]'s wife [Mary Elizabeth Ellis, who plays the waitress Charlie obsesses over] for a while (she went to smu with me) and since have become friends with charlie...they are big fans of my music as well. I stay with them whenever I am in LA on tour and one night charlie and my manager were shooting the shit after a show while I was getting off stage and charlie suggested it. it isn't anything huge...just a really really nice gesture, he justs wants to help me out however he can. those guys are so supportive of the little guy...they built this show (and their careers) in such an amazing DIY manner...it wasn't so long ago that they were the little guy themselves. people like that...they are hard to come by.

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