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M3cca, Meechiie, Medicine Man Revival and This Month’s Best New Music

Denton sensation M3cca has a new single.
Denton sensation M3cca has a new single. Jared Barnes

M3cca, “WTR pHiles”

Denton sensation M3cca has built an astonishing catalog of soulful hip-hop music in the past few years. With a new album on the way, the vocalist unveils its lead single, titled “WTR pHiles” (pronounced “Water Feels”).

The new song is a soul-cleansing metaphor about personal testimony that flows as naturally and powerfully as water itself. “These watery beats inspired me to create something personal and healing for me,” M3CCA said. “All of the lyrics are about how water personally makes me feel when I think about it. Water is healing, beautiful, cleansing, protecting, scary and can consume swallow and destroy everything around it. It’s a very beautiful element but scary at the same time. That’s what this project is about.”

Meechiie, “Pimpin”

Legna Entertainment artist Meechiie is ready to be the biggest thing in Dallas. With her MeechiieGang, the beautiful Meechiie is magnetic. “Pimpin” has a commanding presence from beginning to end.

Meechiie’s sex-driven flow, exotic look and money-motivated smart mouth is crack to today’s hip-hop fans, and her name is likely to become eminently familiar.

Southern Weather, “My Favorite Song”

The indie rock band’s big break, which debuted on KXT 91.7 early this month, is a catchy-hooked singalong about making the perfect love song. An easy listen, “My Favorite Song” has the infectious potential to be one of the most popular new songs this fall. Rising from a slow build at first, the song’s undeniable hit factor will surely grow on you momentarily as it appears on your traffic jam playlist.

Medicine Man Revival, “Cold War”

“Cold War” is another MMR essential with an addictive bass, futuristic bounce, scratchy vocals and hit-making fusion of Rock and R&B, which will make listeners eager to sing along to this new number at the next live show. It's a vibe and the perfect discovery point for any newfound MMR fan.

Angel White, “Motivation (Norman Freestyle)”

Angel White has lured fans to the yard with an empowering no-nonsense attitude and kept them there with her sensuous look and lyricism. As her duet with Lil Ronny MothaF, “Luv & Rap,” starts to boil, White has been serving up some appetizing freestyles these last few weeks over some of today’s hottest songs, like her latest, the Norman hit “Motivation.” Short and sweet, White delivers a slick, auto-tuned single that proves why she is the baddest albino entertainer.

Go Yayo, “Gutta Muzik”

In the spirit of Texas-meets-California, Go Yayo samples Dre and Snoop on his latest effort. On “Gutta Muzik,” the Dallas star delivers a similar melodic flow to the '90s classic and adds a rejuvenating Southern flavor to make what could potentially be his biggest hit yet.

Mattie, “Phive”

After a brief hiatus, this summer saw the return of talented singer Mattie — also known as Mattie Mystic or Mattie Michelle -— with a string of new music. Her latest single, “Phive,” has an irresistible aura of unorthodox harmony and trance-like poetry. Always ahead of the curve, Mattie’s new song is inspired by her practice of the teachings by Mooji. As we patiently await her anticipated 2018 full-length follow-up, “Phive” is the best cure for the oversaturated bubblegum sound out right now.

The Roomsounds, “Take Me As I Am”

With a big junior album on the way, The Roomsounds get fans ready with a modern rock-meets-easy-listening lead called, “Take Me As I Am.” Produced by John Pedigo (The O’s, Pedigo's Magic Pilsner), the carefree living song is equipped with a '70s-styled solo exhibit that will capture the hearts of many in the DFW. Songwriter and Roomsounds fan Abbey Townzen, who goes by @abbeytzen on Instagram, commented, “Sounds awesome on repeat.” We agree.
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