This Sunday's the Final Night of Lost Generation at Arcade Bar

Update: Sunday's gig has been canceled (again, not by choice). But party peeps and music nerds can catch Dover spin this Wednesday at Bryan St. Tavern where he'll drop disco, funk, soul and post-punk tracks.

Local musician, producer and DJ Wanz Dover is saying goodbye to his two-year residency at Arcade Bar, but not by choice. What started out as a carefree way for him to play what he wanted while hanging out with Arcade Bar bartender and friend Howard Kelly evolved into a weekly gig featuring a revolving door of talent. Jake Schrock from Tense, R9 (Rick Simpson) and Gabriel Mendoza are among the many who have played alongside Dover at his Sunday night gig.The weekly featured everything from psych-pop and shoegaze nights to Italo disco and '80s hardcore.

"Arcade Bar worked so well because nobody went there at first, especially on a Sunday," Dover explains. "I always had a guest DJ each week, it became kind of a music-nerd hang out." But a few months ago a new bartender started working on Sundays, and that changed.

"The vibe tanked," Dover says. "The new bartender doesn't know who we are, and she doesn't get what we're doing." He was about to start featuring local bedroom producers at his weekly when the bartender explained to Dover that they want "to go in a different direction," then pulled the plug on his night. "Obviously, she wasn't feeling our vibe. It sucks because it was the only night like that in town."

Say goodbye this Sunday at Arcade Bar, as Dover and a handful of local talent spin one last time, starting at 8 p.m.

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Catherine Downes
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