This Week In Dallas Music History: Course Of Empire Runs Its Course

Course Of Empire undoubtedly stands as one of the most notable acts to ever grace the Dallas music scene. Still today, 13 years after the band called it quits, you can still occasionally hear the name drifting through the cavernous Deep Ellum clubs they used to play.

The end of the band's 10-year run, which came somewhat abruptly, happened this week in 1998.

So, for this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, DC9 will feature Robert Wilonsky's obituary for the seminal band. The announcement of the band's final show, Wilonsky writes, came in the fine print of a Trees ad, which can be found after the jump.

It was barely noticeable, but, when Wilonsky noticed, he did a little investigating and found out exactly what happened.

"You know how hard it is to have a relationship with a girl for 10 years?" said Course of Empire lead singer Vaughn Stevenson. "Try having it with four guys."

As such, Stevenson, despite the request of his label TVT Records, his manager Jerry Jaffe, and his bandmates, wasn't interested in delaying the inevitable break up.

Read the entire thing after the jump.

There's a lot to read, so if you prefer, check it out in the Observer archives.

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