This Week In Dallas Music History: In Which Baboon Attempts to Sell Out

There comes a time in the life of just about every upper-tier local band that headlining Trees on a weekend night just isn't good enough anymore. About a decade ago, it almost always involved scoring a major label record deal.

For Baboon, that crux occurred this week in 2000, when they learned they were being dropped from massive indie label Wind-Up Records, who you might remember as being Creed's label. As former Observer music editor Zac Crain documented in this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, at that point, Wind-Up had held Baboon in its death-grip, refusing to put out any of the band's new material, all the while cashing in on the success of "My Own Prison."

Finally, much to their relief, the band was dropped. But, dammit if they didn't almost immediately pursue the help of a major label to put out their third record, which ended up being released on local label Last Beat Records. Can you blame 'em for trying? It's not like you can headline Trees forever.

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Check out the story in the Observer online archives.

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