This Week In Dallas Music History: On Young Philip Karnats and When Babies Eat Pennies...

Long before he was in Preteen Zenith, Secret Machines and even Tripping Daisy, Philip Karnats was just a guitar player from Bloomington, Illinois, who came to Dallas to audition for Bobgoblin.

In a terrible decision -- presumably made by the person who came up with the name Bobgoblin -- Karnats didn't make the cut.

But in a chance meeting at the audition performance, former Bedhead bassist Chris Wheat took note of Karnats' distinctive style and the two then decided to form a band.

In this edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, which took place in 2000, former area musician and Observer contributor Tania Ion (Rivas) wrote about what happened with the band in the years following the introduction of the two members. Initially, the two formed a band a with Secret Machines and former Captain Audio drummer Josh Garza on drums -- but the project was quickly shelved when Karnats joined Tripping Daisy. During that time, Wheat had his hands full with Bedhead. But when both acts broke up, the two formed When Babies Eat Pennies -- a band whose name, according to Karnats and Wheat, "eats up the marquee like a motherfucker!"

Hit the jump to read the entire story.

Check out the entire story in the Dallas Observer online archives.

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