This Week In Dallas Music History: Paul Slavens Goes From Freak Show To Trio To Solo

These days, Paul Slavens is best known for his radio show on KXT-91.7 FM. But, back in 1997, people were still missing the hell out of his popular local act Ten Hands, a band he fronted from 1986 to 1995.

In this week's edition of This Week In Dallas Music History, we look back to former Observer writer Matt Weitz and a quick blurb about Slavens' very active post-Ten Hands career.

In only two year's time, Slavens had gone through several live-music formats, starting with his weekly "Freak Show" at Club Dada each Wednesday night. Later, he whittled the group down to a trio, taking piano duties upon himself. At the time, Slavens was honing in on the instrument he's now best known for, all the while returning to his roots in classical music with the release of Absolute, a modern classical piano record.

"It was funny when I read in [the Observer] about this whole new direction for me," said Slavens just before the release of his record. "Because actually, it's where I was before rock 'n' roll... When Ten Hands was winding up, I realized that it was time for me to move on and up to this."

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Check out the story in the Observer online archives.

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