This Week In Dallas Music History: PPT Says "We're Rowdy, Proud and Loud"

This edition of This Week In Dallas Music History isn't exactly from this week in Dallas music history. It's a few months off, actually. But we hope you'll look the other way on that minor discrepancy. After all, we're taking a look back to the Observer issue that came out on April 27, 2006, when hip-hop trio PPT won the TexasGigs Dallas Mavericks Playoff Song contest with their song, "We're Rowdy, Proud and Loud."

Former music editor Sam Machkovech spoke with PPT member Pikahsso about what the award meant for the group.

"I've had a lot happen in the past year," said Pikahsso, "but the moment Mark Cuban said, 'You're the winner,' everybody started calling. 'Come do this show here, come do that,' da-da-da-da, so that's real cool."

This win was a big deal for the group, but the karma fizzled out prematurely when the Mavs crumbled in the 2006 NBA finals against the Miami Heat. Fortunately, unless you spent the evening last night watching the M*A*S*H marathon on Ion Television, you know that the Mavs got their payback with the first championship in franchise history.

Could they have done it without the rowdy, proud and loud fans? Hard to say.

Hit the jump to relive 2006 and see the PPT video for "We're Rowdy, Proud and Loud."

To see the original story, check it out here in the Observer archives.

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