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Three New Venues Coming To Elm Street?

On a walk down Elm Street while heading to last week's Slowride Reunion at Elm Street Tattoo, I noticed that the doors were open at 2826, and a few people were buzzing about. The club isn't yet open, mind you--but owner Frank Maldonado, a couple booking agents and some artists who were working on an inside mural were all pretty hard at work. Why's that? Well, says Maldonado, the club's about 40 days out from its official opening.

That's no doubt is more good news for Deep Ellum, which, as anyone who's been down there on a recent weekend night can attest to, has been experiencing far more foot traffic of late than it has in years.

That, too, should only rise in the near future, though: Earlier today on Unfair Park, Robert spread the word of yet another four new joints hoping to open up on Elm Street alone. They are? Crickets, a Chicago-style deli that looks to be open three weeks from today; a possible live music venue to pop up in the old Thin Room; La Grange, which hopes to open up a Continental-Club-meets-La-Contessa in the old Cafe Istanbul location; and, lastly, an as-yet-unnamed venue looking to open up down the road a bit (across Good-Latimer from 7-Eleven) in the old Articles location.

Meanwhile, in other news, it doesn't take a genius--just someone with eyes reall--to see that something is happening to the patio at Club Dada, which has been closed now since July. We've got a couple stokes in the the fire to see what's up there, specifically. And we'll keep you posted, of course, on anything else we hear about this little Deep Ellum revival going on...

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