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Three Van High Twirlers Kissed Girls, Liked It, And Then Got Suspended For It

If you haven't yet seen it, let me please point you toward what is probably the greatest piece of music journalism ever produced by the Dallas Morning News.

Here's the gist of it: Three members of the Van, Texas, high school twirl team have been suspended from performing at the next two high school football games because--get this--they performed a routine to Katy Perry's "I Kissed A Girl" (video above) at this past weekend's game.


There was apparently nothing inherently wrong with the girls' routine; it's the same school district-approved deal the girls had been performing for some time--only this time, they changed the music. And yet the girls were slapped with a suspension because their song choice was "not consistent with the district’s student code of conduct."

I guess the code of conduct isn't a big fan of FM radio?

Luckily, the team seems to be taking its punishment in stride: a member of the twirl team tells KDFW-TV that the whole thing “just got blown out of proportion.”

Blown, huh? What an unfortunate choice of words...

And they were worried she wanted to kiss a girl? --Pete Freedman

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