Tiger Moth

Brothers Derek and Glenn Jackson dissolved their last band, the atmospheric, new-wavy Until They Arrive because they wanted to pursue a more rock-oriented direction. Enter Tiger Moth, a heaving, Zeppelin-inspired quartet whose members don't give a rat's ass about subtlety, mood or texture. The five cuts on this terrific debut EP are paeans to simplistic bar chord bliss, golden times in the '70s when FM radio was inundated with the likes of Aerosmith, Cheap Trick and AC/DC.

When singer Cheyenne Schweitzer (great name) howls out "I've seen too much of your blood" on the opening cut "You Gotta," the obvious reference points ('70s metal, '80s grunge) merge fitfully as the recently formed group works out some identity issues. "Revenge" is heavy to the point of parody as the song is more reminiscent of Spinal Tap than something as retro-chic as Sabbath or Blue Cheer, but the band rights the ship on the sweaty, riff-heavy "Alexander" and the fuzz-drenched closer "Red Trail" as inspiration replaces imitation.

The fact that Tiger Moth makes music this concise and exciting so early in its career speaks well for its continued growth—and the betterment of the Dallas rock scene in general.

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Darryl Smyers
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