Today's Sign of The Apocalypse: In Case You Missed It, Forever The Sickest Kids Performed at Halftime During the Lions-Packers Thanksgiving Day Game. Watch it.

OK, so it's less a Forever The Sickest Kids performance and more of a performance from just frontman Jonathan Cook, as the rest of the Dallas-based pop-punk sextet goofs off behind him alongside a few other guests. But, true enough, as promised, there FTSK was taking part in the Motown-themed halftime show celebration put on by the band's label, Universal Motown, and offering up a rendition of Martha & The Vandellas' phenomenal "Dancing in the Street."

[Insert your own joke about being sick on Thanksgiving or whatever here.]

To be fair, though, this is probably the best display of Cook's vocal talents to date--generally, it's tough to spot any prowess among the cliched rock 'n' roll poses and screams that tend to fill out most FTSK songs and shows. And, performing live, in front of a national TV audience, he doesn't sound half-bad. Actually, if we're being completely honest here, he kinda nails it.

The most impressive part of the ordeal, though, is that, after this show, the band hopped on a plane, came to Dallas and performed at the House of Blues alongside fellow DFW-bred pop-punker The Rocket Summer. Say what you want about the tunes, but that's pretty rock 'n' roll. (Oh, and let's just cut out all "Well, yeah, the label's paying for it all!" junk right now; that's a crazy busy day, I don't care who you are.) Of course, people tend to do crazy things when it comes to promoting new releases--and, sure enough, the band released a new seven-track EP, The Weekend: Friday, the first of three weekend-themed releases the band has planned, on November 17.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.