Todd Snider, Great American Taxi

You know Todd Snider. He's the inveterate joker cracking wise from the back of the classroom. Or, as he describes himself in his satirical broadside "Conservative Christian, Right Wing, Republican, Straight White American Males," a tree-hugging, peace-loving, pot-smoking, barefoot, folk-singing hippy. Cut from similar cloth as John Prine and Jimmy Buffet, Snider's a lighthearted, fun-loving roots rocker with a stubborn political streak.

He received a lot of attention in 2006 for reimagining Dubya's beer-addled college antics on "You Got Away with It (A Tale of Two Fraternity Brothers)," but Snider's first break came in '94 when he signed to Buffet's MCA imprint, Margaritaville Records, for his terrific debut, Songs for the Daily Planet, with which he scored a minor hit with "Talkin' Seattle Grunge Blues," a flannel-clad slam of "alternative" conformity. (The coyly self-deprecating, "Alright Guy," off the same album, would later become a hit for Gary Allan.)

Over the years, Snider's proved resilient, surviving major label exile (and a nearly-debilitating early-'00s pill addiction) while touring his country-folk-rock hybrid like he never wants to go home. It's no wonder. His shows possess all the cozy charm and libertine irreverence of a teenage smoke-out in your parents' basement.

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Chris Parker
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