Tonight Is Crazy Busy. Nights Like These Make Us Wish Teleportation Were Possible.

What a busy musical evening we have on our hands tonight! The only problem? Making a decision on where to go. Anybody got a coin?

Peter Bjorn & John and OAX at the Granada Theater
How many Swedish indie-pop acts can claim to have had a song ("Young Folks") covered by Kanye West? I'm guessing Peter Bjorn & John might be the only ones. But there's a lot more to these guys than just a pop culture footnote. PB&J's most recent effort, Gimme Some, is seen by many as a return to form after a few experimental and dark misfires. Songs like "Dig a Little Deeper" and "Second Chance" sure sound like a band just out to have a good time. I'm sure folks heading out to this show will do the same.

Gary Myrick, Monco Poncho and The Justin Kipker Show at Trees
Originally from Dallas, Gary Myrick migrated first to Austin and then on to Los Angeles where he achieved his biggest success with Gary Myrick & the Figures. Fusing blues and rock with the then-burgeoning new wave movement, Myrick gained airplay on modern rock radio stations and even found his videos being played on MTV. Throughout the '80s and '90s Myrick was a sought-after session guitarist who played with everyone from Big Audio Dynamite to Stevie Wonder. Gary Myrick & the Figures reformed in 2010, and now Myrick completes the circle by playing his home town. Just be sure to dig deep in your closet for those skinny black ties.

Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit and Maria Taylor at Bar Belmont
The fourth installment of the poolside Barefoot at the Belmont concert series features former Drive-By Truckers guitarist Jason Isbell. Here We Rest, the second release from Isbell and his 400 Unit, recently hit the streets and aptly demonstrates what a fine singer-songwriter this Alabama native can be. Songs like "Codeine" and "Heart on a String" sound like a nice combination of Bob Dylan and Jackson Browne. Yes, Isbell is that good. Go hangout by the pool and find out for yourself.

Brave Combo at the Dallas Arboretum
Polka in the park? Why the hell not? Be sure to wear shorts and bring some bug spray.

Bowling for Soup, The Hit and IAmDynamite at the Rockin Rodeo
For nearly two decades, Denton's Bowling for Soup have been playing their brand of humor-filled pop-punk with nary a false step. The band's albums are basically interchangeable, but that doesn't mean they all don't contain some decent songs. Songs like "Girl All the Bad Guys Want," "Punk Rock 101" and "The Bitch Song" are sure to bring a smile to just about anyone without a totally negative outlook on life. And the band's recently issued effort, Fishin' for Woos, is another adequate collection of catchy and poppy punk. These guys may be older, but they are thankfully none the wiser.

Maleveller, Saboteur and Cavalry 414 at La Grange
Even with all the national talent on display this evening, this show still looks like a solid option. Who wouldn't want their face blown off by the mighty metal of Maleveller? Or yet another solid offering from Red Animal War frontman Justin Wilson's other band, Saboteur? Or a tribute to Clutch from a group of local musicians in bands such as Dixie Witch, GHOULTOWN and Mini Boss? Should I just stop asking questions at this point? Yeah? OK.

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