Tonight: Oso Closo, No Matter How Far Away...

We’ve already given you



Oso Closo

’s gig at the

Dallas Theater Center

. Then, of course, there was Pete’s

glowing review

of the production.

But, tonight, the Denton-based rock outfit is taking a break from its insanely busy schedule performing in The Who's Tommy for a free show at the DTC. And no, Oso Closo frontman Adrian Hulet told DC9, this time, the band won’t be playing any songs off Tommy (or Quadrophenia for that matter).

Tonight’s show is all about Oso Closo, and the official re-release of the newly re-mixed, re-mastered version of the band’s debut album Rest. The new disc is packaged with a DVD featuring a live performance filmed at Hailey's in Denton (oddly enough, this footage comes from the disc's original CD release back in April of last year).

This Sunday will be the last performance of Tommy, and Hulet says that the Tommy gig has influenced the band's live sets, so, it shouldn’t be surprising that the band is promising an “almost” two-hour long set tonight.

Next week, the band heads out on tour with Phantom Planet and local, um, "rockers" The Rocket Summer.

Fans of Oso Closo debating the drive from Denton to Dallas should know this: The sound in the DTC will undoubtably be far better than any of the band’s gigs up in lil D. --Daniel Rodrigue

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