Tonight, Tonight: Adam Carter Memorial Concert at The Bone, House of Pain at South Side Music Hall, Raul Midon at the Kessler and Surf City at Dada

A very eclectic mix of performers in our area tonight including a big-time hip-hop act's reunion tour and a show from some old-school punks out of New Zealand.

Adam Carter Memorial Concert at The Bone
The local music scene lost a prominent figure this past weekend when Adam Carter, who'd performed in local favorites such as Spector 45, The Marfalites, Somebody's Darling and others, committed suicide, just a few months after this bandmate in Spector, Franke Campagna, did the very same thing. Tragic stuff, for sure, but once again, the Deep Ellum music scene is coming together to show their strength tonight at The Bone, this time to raise funds for suicide prevention. For the full list of performers and set times, click here.

House of Pain, Big B, Dirtball, Sozay and Fat Kidz Inc at South Side Music Hall

Although some may dismiss House of Pain as a one-hit wonder, there has always been more to Everlast, DJ Lethal and Danny Boy than just "Jump Around," their massive hit from 1992. The simple fact that House of Pain never again reached that same level of commercial success doesn't mean the trio didn't make some good music later on in the '90s. However, considering Everlast's acclaimed solo work, it is pretty shocking that, after 15 years apart, House of Pain decided to reform. Should be interesting to see what these guys still have in the tank. Just in case they don't have myc, this bill features four supporting acts that all have something to offer, including Haltom City's own Fat Kidz Inc.

Raul Midon, Emily Elbert and Michael Henry Tillman at the Kessler Theater
Born in New Mexico, Raul Midon now resides in New York City and the uptown setting certainly fits Midon's musical mixture of blues, jazz and folk. Although he began his career as a session vocalist for Shakira and Julio Iglesias, Midon's solo work is highlighted by 2005's State of Mind, a fascinating effort that featured Jason Mraz and Stevie Wonder. How's that for good company? Live, Midon can be super smooth one moment and borderline chaotic the next. His brand of flamenco soul could be just the thing to sooth your hump day blues.

Surf City, Bare Wires and Sea Lion at Dada
Still more SXSW backwash brings New Zealand's Surf City and Oakland's Bare Wires to the friendly confines of Dada this evening. And you don't hear me complaining: Surf City plays indie punk with a subtlety missing from many acts on this side of the pond. With a name and sound inspired by the Jesus and Mary Chain and Sonic Youth, this feisty quartet isn't nearly as dour as their influences. Check out the humor behind a song like "Dickshakers Union" and the cool, retro vibe of "Headin' Inside." Bare Wires aren't nearly as cool, but the band's full on garage-rock assault definitely has its sordid charms.

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