Tonight, Tonight: All Time Low at House of Blues and The Campaign at Lola's

Kind of a slow Monday evening as far as music goes. But there's still a few shows worth going out to see, if you're up to it -- if only to toast the fact that the Cowboys actually


win a game.

All Time Low and A Rocket to the Moon and City at House of Blues' Cambridge Room
Folks might recall the last time Baltimore's pop-punk band All Time Low visited our area: Things didn't turn out too well as security at Six Flags in Arlington used pepper spray on what they deemed "rowdy fans" during All Time Low's set. Eventually, All Time Low was banned from any further concerts at Six Flags -- all of which is a lot of ballyhoo for a band that is basically a Green Day/Blink-182 tribute act. Much more interesting is Massachusetts' A Rocket to the Moon. Formed in 2006 by Nick Santino, the band is now a foursome capable of creating hummable punkish ditties that express heartache in interesting ways. Hopefully, no canisters of pepper spray will be employed at this show.

The Campaign at Lola's in Fort Worth
Fort Worth's The Campaign play a rock/pop/soul hybrid that kind of reminds me of The Godfathers. If anyone remembers that band's 1988 song "Birth School Work Death," you should have a pretty good idea of what The Campaign is up to. Led by singer Tyler Wood, The Campaign plays earnest rock with solid riffs and clever words. Surprisingly, we hear that this is the band's first show in over two years. Hopefully, tonight's performance will (ahem) kick start The Campaign to record a new full-length.

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