Tonight, Tonight: AM Taxi at The Loft, Cool Out at The Cavern

Got a bad case of the Mondays? Head to The Loft tonight.

AM Taxi at The Loft
Normally, bands that claim to blend old-school punk with world beat and modern pop influences end up being too diverse for their own good, sounding like ten mediocre bands instead of one good one. But Chicago's AM Taxi is somehow able to juggle disparate influences while still finding a sound that is uniquely theirs. Adam Krier and crew recently released their debut full-length, the optimistically titled We Don't Stand A Chance. The album was recorded is Austin and produced by semi-legendary knob-tweeker Mike McCarthy (known for his work with Spoon, Patty Griffin, and ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead). While the world beat of "Dead Street" comes off as Police-light, other tracks such as "The Mistake" and "Charissa" have a ragged charm that recalls The Replacements.

Cool Out at The Cavern
Still need a reason to check out the best DJ night in town? Re-visit our DC9er with resident Cool Out DJ Tony Schwa.

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