Tonight, Tonight: Andrew Tinker at Dan's Silverleaf

There's not a lot going on this Tuesday after Valentine's Day, unless you're in Denton and you love piano pop. But things are sure to get ramped up in the coming days, we promise.

Andrew Tinker at Dan's Silverleaf
Denton's Andrew Tinker is an interesting guy. He can sound like Justin Timberlake one minute (check out "Be Sweet" in the video above) and then channel some serious indie-pop chops the next. Certainly, Tinker's time with the Polyphonic Spree resulted in his genre-hopping ways. And it shows: Tinker's 2009 debut, It Takes the World, was all over the musical map, but, for the most part, everything worked as intended. Word is that Tinker is finally getting around to recording a follow-up and tonight's once-postponed jam session should help him work out the kinks in some new material. In any case, this is a fine chance to be awed by Tinker's multi-instrumental skills.


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