Tonight, Tonight: Astronautalis at Club Dada, The Extraodinaires at Rubber Gloves, Diafanes at La Grange and The Royal Heist at Lola's

As is typical for this time of the year, SXSW backwash results in a nice slew of bands hitting our area tonight...

Astronautalis, Sims, A.Dd+ at Club Dada
Southern Methodist University alumnus Andy Bothwell, who performs his own freestyle-heavy brand hip-hop under the name of Astronautalis, is a big favorite around these parts, and for good reason. His take on the genre is a refreshing one, and one that isn't afraid to dabble in some indie rock territory; on his last full-length release, Pomegranate, a couple of his songs even featured a chorus courtesy of Denton darling Sarah Jaffe. These days, Bothwell is collaborating on a different front, prepping a project called Four Fists with Doomtree collective rapper P.O.S. That rapper won't be present this evening, but another Doomtree member, Sims, will be, joining an opening lineup that also includes local duo A.Dd+.

The Extraodinaires, Skunk Ape and Bad Design at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio
Hailing out of Philly, The Extraodinaires don't have too much trouble living up to their name. The band's punchy folk-pop comes complete with a theatrical bent that's sure to thrill fans of The Decemberists. Although The Extraordinaires recently issued their The Postcard EP, the band has quite a few quality albums in their catalogue, including 2005's Ribbons of War. Also on the bill tonight is Skunk Ape, a metallic punk quartet out of Florida who differ as much from the headliner as any band ever could.

Diafanes and Eric Matern at La Grange
It's international music night this evening as two acts from Brazil grace the stage at La Grange. Featuring the vocal talents of Lorena Hollander, Diafanes fuse the native music of their country with a hard-edge, indie vibe -- and the results are pretty damn fascinating. No less eclectic and electric is Eric Matern, a super-fast guitarist who (amazingly) doesn't noodle aimlessly on endless solos. Songs such as "Broken Promises" and "Paper Thin Hearts" show Matern to be a decent songwriter with intense guitar skills. Kind of like Eddie Van Halen.

The Royal Heist, The Skeeves and All Dinosaurs at Lola's
Midnight in the Garden of Evil, the 2010 debut from Los Angeles' The Royal Heist, is as unpretentious of a rock album as one is likely to stumble across. Although lacking in the originality department, Collin Pulsifer and crew know how to pummel a dance/rock groove into oblivion. Also on the bill are Cleveland's All Dinosaurs and Fort Worth's own The Skeeves, two punkish bands that gravitate away from any dance floor shenanigans.

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