Tonight, Tonight: Band of Heathens at The Granada, Better Than Ezra at House of Blues and Center Divider at Dan's Silverleaf

Not a bad selection of shows this Tuesday evening.

Band of Heathens, Deadman and Charlie Shafter & the Gnomes at the Granada Theater
Austin's Band of Heathens seems to make it to our area quite often, but not too frequently to wear out their roots rock welcome. Containing a trio of top notch singers/songwriters, these Heathens seemingly have an endless supply of quality material. The band's 2009 sophomore effort, One Foot in the Ether, featured track after track of prime Americana -- songs that Steve Earle would be proud to call his own. Appealing to an interesting cross section of rock and country fans, the Band of Heathens might well prove to be the act that successfully straddles the rock and country fence, a feat that has eluded so many others. Dallas' Deadman and Denton's Charlie Shafter add even more meat to this crowded bill of hard-hitting roots music. Should be a great night to tip back a few cold ones.

Better Than Ezra and Big Sam's Funky Nation at the House of Blues
Back in the day (in this case, the mid '90s), the alt-rock trio known as Better Than Ezra played the Dallas area so often, many folks assumed they were a local band. But once the single "Good" achieved such quick and startling success, people found out that Better Than Ezra actually hailed from New Orleans. Geography aside, it's rather remarkable that the band is around these days at all. Kevin Griffin and crew survived a series of lawsuits and major label snafus that would have sunk most bands for good. But, here we are, nearing 2011, and there's talk of a new album. And the band sounds as good as ever. Sure, it's kitschy pop rock with hummable melodies and average lyrics, but at least Better Than Ezra is one band that always knew its strengths and limitations.

Center Divider and Dim Locater at Dan's Silverleaf
Center Divider is a New York City-based atmospheric outfit with ties to our own Telegraph Canyon. And, though the sound features a hint of alt-country, New York is probably the better locale for the spacey dirges of Center Divider. Dim Locater, meanwhile, is the moniker for Denton's Will Kapinos. Kapinos has been involved in numerous area bands including Jet Screamer and Spitfire Tumbleweeds. His bluesy country wail is better suited to the cozy confines of Dan's than Center Divider's, so be sure to get there early to catch his performance, too.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.