Tonight, Tonight: Band of Horses at Verizon Theatre, George Clinton at South Side Music Hall and Molotov Solution at Hailey's Club. LATE ADD: Strange Boys at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.

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A busy Thursday evening is highlighted by one of the best bands of the decade and a legendary master of psychedelic funk.

Band of Horses and Midlake at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie
Obviously the biggest double-bill of the evening, this inspired pairing of Midlake and Band of Horses brings two of the coolest indie bands of the decade to the same stage. Although docked a point for being yet another band from Seattle and another point for being influenced by the Beach Boys, Band of Horses is nevertheless one of the most important bands in recent memory. Ben Bridwell has seen many band members leave over the course of three albums, but he has hardly let uncertainly get in the way of good music. Infinite Arms, their most recent effort, has brought Band of Horses to the precipice of the big time. Perhaps, they were already there. Either way, the music is cinematic, rootsy and provocative. And at least two of those adjectives could be used to describe the music of Midlake as well. Together, these two bands should pull of one of the best shows of the spring.

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic at the South Side Music Hall
Lord knows what to expect at this show. Clinton has been doing his crazy, alien funk thing for so long, he's almost become a parody of himself. And despite how much Clinton's performances revolve around the stage show, the music will assuredly be hardcore funk and psychedelic rock of the highest order. Clinton may be nearly 70 years old, but he will always give it his bizarre all. The backing band this evening will also be of interest as, nowadays, the children and grandchildren of the original members are involved. Whoever is on stage, they will serve at the behest of Clinton, one of most original characters in rock history.

Molotov Solution and Burning the Masses at Hailey's Club in Denton
Hailing out of Las Vegas, the death metal band Molotov Solution has gained some attention for the band's overtly political lyrics that concern various governmental conspiracies. Huh? All I know is that Robbie Pina and the rest of this ugly quintet play incendiary metal that never wavers in its intensity. Although Molotov Solution are supposedly working on a new album, anyone curious in these guys needs to check out 2009's Harbinger, a thunderous collection that will, in the words of Dirty Harry, "blow your head clean off."

LATE ADD: Strange Boys, Natural Child and Sweet Talk at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios
Completely forgot about this show earlier today when penning this collection. And it was a big omission: If you can't make it to Dallas for George Clinton or Grand Prairie for Band of Horses, seeing The Strange Boys tonight at Gloves will make for a fine replacement. And, depending on your tastes, maybe even an upgrade. Last year, the Austin-dwelling, Dallas-raised Strange Boys released Be Brave, and excellent follow-up to their phenomenal '09 full-length debut, The Strange Boys And Girls Club. It's nothing you haven't heard before, but that's the idea: Few current bands can emulate the retro, garage feel of '60s as well as the Strange Boys can. And, trying as it might sound at first listen, few can match frontman Ryan Sambol's strained, whiny vocals.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.