Tonight, Tonight: Blonde Redhead at the Granada Theater, Attack Attack! at House of Blues

Pretty sparse musical pickings this Tuesday evening, but at least the couple of things going on tonight are pretty decent.

Blonde Redhead and Olof Arnalds at the Granada Theater
New York City-based alternative rock trio Blonde Redhead is truly a multicultural experience. Singer-guitarist Kazu Makino hails from Japan while twin brothers Amedeo and Simone Pace were born in Italy, but grew up in Montreal. Not that you can hear any Japanese or Italian musical influences in the dreamy, psychedelic rock of Blonde Redhead, though. Penny Sparkle, the trio's most recent effort, is probably the softest album the band has made, featuring as much electronics as guitar. Songs such as "Here Sometimes" and "Love or Prison" would be almost pop if not for Makino's otherworldly wail. She's certainly the main attraction, but the Pace brothers do provide her with hypnotic backing. Adding further to tonight's multicultural feel will be Icelandic multi-instrumentalist Olof Arnalds. Arnalds' odd but intriguing folk should get this show off on the right foot.

Attack Attack!, Emmure and Peirce the Veil at the House of Blues
Ohio's Attack Attack is a metalcore band with a wicked sense of humor. After all, the band's 2008 debut EP is called If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords? Attack Attack!'s self-titled sophomore full-length came out this past summer and features a strange fusion of electronic pop and screamo metal. The dichotomy between the almost progressive intros and the crushing metal of the songs themselves can be rather shocking. But the power inherent in songs such as "Sexual Man Chocolate" and "Smokahontas" still comes pounding through. Although "clean" vocalist and rhythm guitar player Johnny Franck recently (as in two weeks ago) quit the band, Attack Attack! appears capable of keeping things together while continuing to confound listeners. New York's Emmure and San Diego's Pierce the Veil should prove to be capable support acts on this heavy night of music.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.