Tonight, Tonight: Buzzov-en at Trees and Old Man Markley at the Double Wide

Not a bad Wednesday evening upon us tonight. Fans of sludge metal

and punkgrass

will no doubt be pleased. Fans of Ingram Hill, however, won't be: Tonight's performance scheduled at the House of Blues has been canceled due to the cold weather.

Update: The Old Man Markley show at the Double-Wide is also canceled due to weather.

Buzzov-en, Cough and Four Days to Burn at Trees
Known for their intense live shows, North Carolina's Buzzov-en is also thought to be one of the first bands to be described as sludge metal. And while one may wonder just how much of a distinction such a description may be, the fact is that Kirk Fisher has led some form of Buzzov-en for almost 20 years, and, in that time, the band has never taken retreated from its ultra-slow and ultra-heavy style. Album titles such as Sore, Hate Box and Wound tell a good deal of the story. This version of Buzzov-en features the same line up that recorded 1998's ...At a Loss, an effort that is considered by many to be the band's high point.

Old Man Markley and Trinity River Folk at Double Wide
Los Angeles' Old Man Markley was in our area just a few months ago and we should consider ourselves lucky to have these guys back so soon. Fronted by Johnny Carey, the punk-meets-bluegrass approach of Old Man Markley is fresh and engaging. Guts N' Teeth, the band's recently released, debut full-length, is a hell of a record that features such stand out ravers as "For Better or Worse" and "Lowdown Blues." If it's a party atmosphere you're looking for this hump day evening, Old Man Markley is the band of choice. Opening is Dallas' Trinity River Folk, which features the Observer's own Jesse Hughey.

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