Tonight, Tonight: Eric Johnson at The Granada, Sick of It All at The Loft and The Ink Couch at Andy's Basement

Quite a diverse collection of musical options available in the area this Wednesday evening. Choose wisely.

Eric Johnson, Andy McKee and Peppino D'Augustino at the Granada Theater
A triple bill of string-bending pyrotechnics will be on display tonight at the Granada as three genuine guitar heroes ply their craft. Of course, few in the area need a recommendation for Eric Johnson. The Austin native has been wowing area audiences for the better part of four decades. Best known for his seminal 1990 effort, Ah Via Musicom, and the accompanying single "Cliffs of Dover," Johnson is no one-hit wonder. The guy's praises have been sung by everyone from Billy Gibbons to B.B. King. Less known, but hardly less regarded, is Andy McKee, a Kansas-born acoustic guitarist who has a finger-picking style that will leave the uninitiated in awe. This show is less a concert than a classroom, so don't be tardy.

Sick of It All, Outbreak, Bitter End and Mother of Mercy at The Loft
Bring your best earplugs to this one, as this quadruple bill is guaranteed to pound your auditory senses into submission. New York's Sick of It All has been doing its old-school punk thing for over 25 years now, and Lou Koller and crew show little signs of slowing down. Plus, Sick of It All's 2010 effort, Based on a True Story, is as uncompromisingly harsh and as politically relevant as anything the band has ever recorded. Long may these guys wail. Maine's Outbreak, San Antonio's Bitter End and Pennsylvania's Mother of Mercy provide ample and amplified support.

The Ink Couch and Elipsis at Andy's Basement Bar and Grill
Denton's own The Ink Couch play psychedelic rock with precision and passion. Songs like "City of Sheep" and "Mouthful of Mistakes" show a band ready to move on to larger venues. The band's sound may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it is exceedingly well-played. This is music is probably more conventional than most coming out of Denton, but perhaps a little conventionality would do that college town some good.

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