Bettie Serveert

Tonight, Tonight: Frightened Rabbits at The Loft, Javelina at The Nightmare and Bettie Serveert at The Prophet Bar

Triple-bills are the order of the day on this busy Tuesday evening.

Frightened Rabbit, Plants & Animals and Bad Veins at The Loft
Scotland's Frightened Rabbit has already gotten a bit of love this week in both the print edition of the Dallas Observer and right here on its DC9 web counterpart--and deservedly so, as the band's recently released third album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, is as catchy and intentionally obscure as the title might suggest. Montreal's Plants & Animals and Cincinnati's Bad Veins add to the cool, indie rock cred of this nice triple-bill.

Javelina, Vaste Burai and Embolization at The Nightmare
Javelina is a sludge metal outfit hailing out of Philadelphia that dispenses niceties such as melody and restraint. Taking the slow tempos of classic Black Sabbath and ramping the amps up to 11, Javelina is about as pretty as the wild pig the band is named after. Which is to say not very, although, then again, that's the idea. Songs such as "Gored to Death" and "Let the Blood Flow" tell a good deal of Javelina's sordid tale. Longview's Vaste Burai and Dallas' Embolization will certainly add to the earache factor of what should be a terrifically loud evening of metal noise.

Bettie Serveert, Les Americains and Lovie at The Prophet Bar
Adding to the multi-cultural appeal of tonight's slew of shows is the Dutch alternative rock outfit Bettie Serveert. Originally formed in 1986, Carol van Dyk and the rest of this chic quintet have basically defined indie cool for well over two decades. Pharmacy of Love, Bettie Serveert's ninth effort was released this past March and is the most rocking, if not the all-out best, record the band has ever made. Adding to the fun will be Les Americains and Lovie, two local acts that both know a thing or two about catchy, indie riffs and intelligent songwriting.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.