Tonight, Tonight: Guy Clark at The Kessler, Bloody Beetroots at House of Blues, VersaEmerge at The Loft, Maroon 5 at Center and Hoyotoho at City Tavern.

An unusual, but genuinely talented group of musical acts invade our area this Thursday evening...

Guy Clark at The Kessler Theater
Legendary country/folk singer-songwriter Guy Clark is the (perfectly suited) second guest in the ongoing "Storytellers at the Kessler" series. Clark's been writing great songs longer than I've been alive--and I'm no spring chicken. Beginning in 1975 with "L.A. Freeway" and "Desperados Waiting for a Train," Clark has created as impressive a body of work as any country songwriter not named Johnny Cash or Hank Williams. At 68, the guy shows little sign of slowing down. Clark's 2009 effort, Somedays The Song Writes You, was yet another elegant, stirring collection of acoustic music done ragged but right.

The Bloody Beetroots at The House of Blues
Producer Bob Rifo and DJ Tommy Tea formed the Italian electronica duo The Bloody Beetroots in late 2006. Since that time, the duo has released a handful of EPs and one excellent full-length, 2009's Romborama.  Each release has demonstrated the band's aptitude with multiple forms of dance music. On this tour, the band has added drummer Edward Grinch along with the "Death Crew 77" addendum to the band's moniker. Whatever you want to call them, Rifo and Tea put on a hell of a show--while wearing Venom masks no less.

VersaEmerge, Anarbor, The Dangerous Summer and Conditions at The Loft
Florida's VersaEmerge features the vocal talents of Sierra Kusterbeck, a gal so sure that she was right for the band that she lied about her age just to get an audition. That was back in 2005. Since then, VersaEmerge has garnered a descent following with an emotionally charged, emo take on alt-rock. Comparisons to Paramore and Evanescence are not only expected, but also warranted. The members of VersaEmerge know that they are not doing anything new, but they also know that they got the anthemic modern rock thing down pat. Arizona's Anarbor add a bit of punky pop to the emo equation while Maryland's The Dangerous Summer takes a more traditional New Wave route to over-earnestness. Add in Virginia's Conditions and you have a big fat, quadruple-bill of seriousness that might just collapse the venue's floor.

Maroon 5, One Republic and Ry Cuming at Center
Wait, how did this get here? OK, I have to admit that Hands All Over, the Robert John "Mutt" Lange-produced third album from mega-superstars Maroon 5, is not too shabby of a collection of glam-inspired, white-boy R&B. Word is that Adam Levine and crew are planning to record just one more album before riding into the alt-rock sunset. If so, this fine October evening is a nice chance to catch these guys while they still matter.

Hoyotoho, Novaak and Darktown Strutters at City Tavern
We mentioned this show of local electronic-infused acts on the blog yesterday. One addendum: Museum Creatures has dropped off the bill. Still a strong all-local bill of up-and-comers on this otherwise crowded night, though.

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Darryl Smyers
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