Tonight, Tonight: Hosannas at City Tavern and Watain at The Loft

As usual, Monday evening's musical registry isn't exactly overflowing with shows, especially being a holiday week and all. But there are still a couple of things worth checking out.

Hosannas, Darktown Strutters and Florene at City Tavern Although our own Darktown Strutters are listed as the headliners for this triple bill, Portland's Hosannas may be the more interesting act. Brothers Richard and Brandon Laws parlay an interesting take on modern psychedelia into feedback drenched slices of indie pop. Kind of like a less pretentious The Jesus and Mary Chain, Hosannas plays accessible noise. Not an easy task, but one which the brothers Laws do with a cool credibility. Perhaps having such a fine act playing before them will spur on Strutters Kara Howell and Wes Darrin to further expand upon the duo's "satanic-disco" charms. Yet another duo, Denton's Florene, should provide a nice opening salvo of danceable clatter.

Watain, Goatwhore, Black Anvil and Akkolyte at The Loft Metal heads will be receiving their Thanksgiving a bit early as this tastefully ugly quadruple bill hits The Loft this evening. Watain hails from Sweden and, of course, describes its music as black metal. What other colors of metal might there be? New Orleans' Goatwhore has a much better name and at least show signs of a sense of humor by calling what it does "blackened death metal." New York's Black Anvil may be, figuratively and literally, the heaviest band of tonight's quartet; and that's saying something. In any case, this night has the potential to be as black as black can be. You have been warned.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.