Tonight, Tonight: Josh Ritter at the Granada Theater and Elvis Took Acid at Hailey's Club

A sold-out show at the Granada and a punk show up in Denton highlight tonight's kickoff to the work week.

Josh Ritter, Samantha Crain and Doug Burr at the Granada Theater
Raised by his two neuroscientist parents in Moscow, Idaho, folk singer Josh Ritter has traveled quite the odd path on his way to relative commercial success. Since 1999, Ritter has released a series of well-received albums that feature classic folk and country themes. 2002's Golden Age of Radio got the attention of people other than folk purists and, since that time, Ritter has continued to improve as a singer and a songwriter. Perhaps too literate for his own good, Ritter actually incorporates images from such southern gothic writers as Flannery O'Connor and Barry Hannah into his songwriting. Somehow, though, this heady brew manages to sound as simple and earnest as Dylan did on John Wesley Harding. And that's saying a hell of a lot. Oklahoma's Samantha Crain and our own beloved Doug Burr are included on a bill that could be subtitled "Songwriting 101."

Elvis Took Acid, Bone Doggie, Collapse and FUnk NUg at Hailey's Club in Denton
Another Punk Rock Monday Night Showcase at Hailey's brought together by Denton's FUnk NUg. Tonight's proceedings feature Dallas' Elvis Took Acid, a nasty little combo that revels in old-school '80s punk a la Fear and Black Flag. Songs such as "Vicious Cycle" and "Nutt Job" are as immature as they are clichéd, but that doesn't mean they aren't first-rate. Anger, obscenity and energy can make up for a lack of originality. At least it does this time. Seeing that Monday evenings can be pretty uneventful as far as shows go, FUnk NUg should be heralded for keeping the DIY spirit alive and well.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.