Tonight, Tonight: Kirby Brown and Whiskey Folk Ramblers at The Jack Daniel's Saloon, Acid Mothers Temple at The Loft, Bruce Hornsby at the House of Blues and Yelle at the Granada

Tonight's not quite as busy as last night, but there's a good selection of diverse musical acts this evening as well -- including the launch of our own free concert series.

Kirby Brown and Whiskey Folk Ramblers at Jack Daniel's Saloon
The kickoff for our new Locals Only! concert series features up-and-coming roots-rocker Kirby Brown and the fantastic western grooves of Whiskey Folk Ramblers. Add in a ton of drink specials (Jack and Cokes for three bucks!), ticket giveaways (to see Black Lips, among others) and free admission, and, well, we think it all adds up to a damn fine party. The venue is the recently renovated downstairs bar at the Gilley's complex, the South Lamar spot that already houses The Loft, South Side Music Hall and the Palladium Ballroom. Anyhow, it's a cheap date with two really good musical acts. Doors open at 8. Get there early and stay awhile.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO at the Loft
For more than 15 years, the Japanese psychedelic collective known as Acid Mothers Temple has been torturing eardrums all over the world. Led by guitarist Kawabata Makoto, the band has featured as many as 30 members and used (at least) 10 different variations on its moniker. Dense does not begin to describe the noise that this band can bring to a stage. Acid Mothers Temple's most recent opus, Pink Lady Lemonade - You're From Innerspace, is just as weird and frightening as anything in the band's large back catalog. There's really no other band like these guys, and we can all be thankful for that.

Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers at the House of Blues
Way back in 1986, Bruce Hornsby became an instant thorn in this critic's side when his song "The Way It Is" topped the charts. That annoying piano riff and the sophomoric, pseudo-social commentary of the lyrics made the song an instant annoyance. The fact that it was played millions of times on the radio throughout the '80s didn't help. Sure, Hornsby is a talented player, but his compositional skills were always limited. Dock him several points for being in a late incarnation of the Grateful Dead, too.

Yelle, French Horn Rebellion and Datahowler at the Granada Theater
Cool, sleek and relatively sophisticated, the electro-pop sounds of France's Yelle are decidedly intercontinental. But, thankfully, Yelle and her band do not take themselves too seriously and are intent to deliver a fun and fairly mindless set of dancehall ditties. French Horn Rebellion, who are from Milwaukee and not France, and our own Datahowler will certainly add (a bit) more brains to tonight's chic and stylish proceedings.

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Darryl Smyers
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