Tonight, Tonight: Neon Indian, Prefuse 73 and Miniature Tigers at The Granada and Cody Jinks at Adair's Saloon

Kind of a slow Tuesday evening, but there are at least a couple of items that should placate those in search of quality music...

Neon Indian, Prefuse 73 and Miniature Tigers at The Granada Theater
This show is a music critic's wet dream. Seems you can't go on any music blog without seeing at least a mention of the Neon Indian. Lord knows DC9 has done its part to give some serious props to the one-time local act. The hype has certainly helped Neon Indian achieve national recognition--and good for lead Indian Alan Palomo, since the guy has a unique chillwave vision that deserves whatever accolades come his way. Speaking of accolades, Guillermo Scott Herren, leader of various ensembles including Prefuse 73, has had his share of kudos over his decade-long musical career. As much of an avant-garde composer as an electronic musician, Herren is well versed in a variety of hip hop styles. The six releases Herren has released under the Prefuse 73 moniker are all well worth checking out. As if that wasn't enough, Arizona's Miniature Tigers will add its indie rock vibe to tonight's critically acclaimed triple bill.

Cody Jinks at Adair's Saloon
Hailing out of Roanoake, Texas, country singer-songwriter Cody Jinks makes his way to Adair's every couple of weeks, and will do the same tonight. His beer-stained, no-nonsense tales of emotional woe should find favor amongst fans of alt-country godfather Steve Earle, and songs like "Cast No Stones," "The Wrong Place" and "When the New Wears Off" show a songwriter fully informed of the hard roads in this life. Jinks' unpretentious demeanor and unshaven appearance should be perfect for those avoiding the hipster high jinks going on at The Granada.

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